Many people have an interest in learning Mindfulness and Meditation. One of the first things that is often said is:

“I would love to practice, but I just don’t have the time!”

This ebook & course have been designed for you, so you can gain essential experience of a timeless practice, regardless of your busy circumstances.

With a little creative thinking and training, your busy circumstances can even help your practice of Mindfulness to develop.

Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient tradition that has been tried and tested for thousands of years.

Now in modern times it’s validity is being strengthened by scientific research making the practices more accessible.

There are two versions of the ebook you can purchase.

The stream version includes the ebook and access to all sixteen guided Meditations which you can stream online continuously.  You will also have the opportunity to download individual Mindfulness Meditations (for a small fee) if you wish.

The download version includes the ebook, access to the guided Meditations to stream online and sixteen guided Meditations  (ranging from thirty seconds – fifteen minutes) which you can download onto your computer or phone.

There are links to Guided Meditations at the end of each chapter when you are ready to practice them.

Through engaging with the content within the ebook you will learn and gain experience of essential Mindfulness andand Meditation practices.

Each session consist of a introduction and then access to a guided Meditation based on that subject.

If you have been to a course you can now renew your experience by simply following the chapters in the book and engaging with the Meditations.

If you’re feeling adventurous you may consider following up your experience by taking another live class, workshop, retreat or a 121 session.

At the end of each chapter there is a link that will take you to the website where you can download materials directly to your computer or phone.

If you just wish to stream the Meditations then you can do that by accessing each page on the website.

Any questions or if you need help in downloading content then please get in touch via the contact details in the resources section of the book.

Good luck with your Mindfulness and Meditation practice I hope you can benefit from this training and find Mind Space in your life.