Adam Dacey

When Adam was 16 he began studying Philosophy and Psychology sparking an interest in thinking differently, upon leaving school he visited Nepal for 6 months to spend time at a Meditation Retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas inside a Buddhist monastery.

Upon returning to England he studied Meditation and Mindfulness full time for 10 years living as Buddhist monk in Derbyshire, the Lake District, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore, receiving teachings from some of the most experience Meditators in the world.  He then spent 5 years teaching Buddhist Meditation, establishing a community of practitioners and training teachers.

In 2008 Adam founded Mind Space a vehicle for bringing ancient techniques that he learned from his travels around the world to a wider audience.

Mind Space offers a vehicle for beginners to learn practices to bring peace, calm and happiness into their lives.  An Online Meditation Channel which has reached 1.5 million people from 220 different countries.

Mind Space visits schoolsUniversities, Hospitals, Business and Government Organizations throughout the UK, Europe and India introducing Meditation and offering Mindful techniques to renew focus and increase concentration.  Also offering live and one to one Meditation sessions.

Mind Space now has resources translated into Spanish, German, Polish, Punjabi, Farsi, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Turkish, Greek and Italian.

The Meditations Adam teaches at Mind Space originate from the Buddhist tradition which has a 2500 year history of practice.  However, they are accessible to everyone regardless of their view as a tool to increase Mindfulness, peace, focus and concentration.

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