Gain a deeper experience of the course and ebook with a 121 session in the comfort of your own home.

Wherever you live in the world you can benefit.

All you need is a decent internet connection, webcam, mic and Skype account.

It’s a perfect design for those who are busy, really short of time, but want to gain experience of Mindfulness and Meditation and would like to ask questions related to their own experience.

It’s a one month course, each session lasts for an hour and includes:

•  Two 15 Minute Guided Meditations (one at the beginning and one at the end of the session)

•  Relevant instructions on how to progress with Mindfulness and Meditation.

•  The download version of the ebook with 16 Guided Meditations

•  Ask any questions about your practice.

•  Opportunity to explore the world of your mind.

•  Access to a journal

Contact us  if you would like to arrange an initial chat about your training or receive further information.
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