mindspace for Busy People is a ground breaking new e-book, offering essential Mindfulness & Meditation techniques to help you stay calm and focused during your busy life.

What’s in the e-book?

1) How to Increase Focus and Concentration
Learn an essential Mindfulness Practice

2) Developing Emotional Intelligence  
How understanding your mind can improve your relationships

3) Calm in a Busy World
Discover a practice to use in your busy life to find calm

4) Inner Development
A meditation for your mind to bring confidence & fearlessness

Sixteen Guided Mindfulness and Meditation practices.

Each chapter consists of a presentation of the subject, & guided mindfulness & meditation practices to download .

How to access the e-book?

There are two versions of the ebook you can purchase.
Click here for your free sample of Chapter 1 and four guided Meditations.

The download version includes the e-book, sixteen guided Meditations  (ranging from thirty seconds – fifteen minutes) which you can download onto your computer or phone & also access to the guided Meditations to stream online.
$8.99.  Click on the button below.
Download here

The stream version includes the e-book and access to all sixteen guided Meditations which you can stream online continuously.  You will also have the opportunity to download individual Mindfulness Meditations (for a small fee) if you wish. $5.99.
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Purchase here

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Attending a live course

See current locations where the course is taking place or take a 121 one month course at a time and location to suit.

The course documents the entire e-book and gives you all the guided meditations that you can download and practice continuously.